What Is "Sitting Disease"?

You are reading this while perched in a chair, right? You must have been there for some time, just like most computer users.

Picture how much time you spend sitting down in a day. You sit down when driving to and from work, when working eight hours a day, and in the evening when relaxing on the couch watching TV. Additionally, you probably use smartphone apps, email, online shopping and direct-deposit paychecks to take care of tasks. One or two decades ago, you would have had to move and actively run those errands.

If you fit the above description, you may be suffering from "sitting disease". This catchy phrase defines a sedentary lifestyle that is detrimental to your health.

Studies show that if you stay physically inactive for long periods, you risk developing cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Increase your level of physical activity and this will help you fight sitting disease.

Sluggard Application

This application was created to make you more healthy by performing exercises during the day. Fight sitting disease by taking steps to become more physically active.

  • Efecctively fights "sitting disease".
  • Improves your health condition.
  • Trains your muscles.
  • Develops commitment and consistency.
  • Tracks your progress.
  • Fun to compete with your friends and colleagues.


Precisely calculated number of reps according to your age, sex and fitness level.


We created an affordable application. It's priced just as two cups of coffee, but makes you more healthy.


Train your muscles by consistently performing exercises day by day, week by week.

Privacy Policy

Last updated: January 9, 2017

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